Please locate the category which best fits your communication needs below in order to reference its related procedures.

Emergency Announcements

In the event of an emergency, dial the campus switchboard for immediate assistance at (908) 852-1400 extension 0.  EMTs are on campus.  If the emergency poses a threat to the community, Campus Security or College Executives will send alerts via the e2Campus Alert System directly to your cell phone.  To access the e2Campus web site and confirm your contact information is up-to-date, click here.

Public Announcements

All public announcements must be channeled through the Marketing & Communications department to the WWW Centenary web site.  Please email

Campus-wide Announcements

Beginning in September 2010 the Campus Community Mailing List has been restricted to emergency use only.  All campus-wide announcements must be posted on the my.Centenary web site under the “News & Announcements” section.

Staff and/or Faculty Announcements

Please continue to use Faculty and/or Staff campus email distribution lists for official Centenary University communications only.

Student Announcements

Beginning in September 2010 the student mailing list is restricted to emergency use only.  All announcements for the student body must be posted on the my.Centenary web site under the “News & Announcements” section.

Groups of Students

If you wish to communicate with a select group of students concerning official Centenary University business, you may do so by sending an email directly to those select few, but only if the communication is highly relevant (i.e. necessary for them to function in their role at the college) to every single member of the mailing list.

The ability to email to a large number of people is granted to personnel in specific roles, such as RA, RD, Deans, Security, etc.

The Approved College Mailing list will assist you in directing your email to the proper recipients.  You can find the list by clicking here.

Classmates or Students in a Class

If you wish to communicate with all of or a select few of the students in a given class, please email them through the online Learning Management System (Moodle).

Individual Communication

Please use campus email to communicate directly with individuals.

Vendor Events

Vendor events are only to be advertised once on the day that they are occurring on the calendar system.  If multiple vendors are attending on the same day only one event should be posted and the various vendors should be listed in the description for that single event.

SPAM and Abuse of Communications

Should you receive SPAM email or feel that any of our communication systems are being misused, for whatever reason, please email:

If you have any questions/suggestions related to this policy, please contact Sharon Ainsley, Chief Information Officer (CIO), at extension 2343.

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