If you are looking to work as a counseling professional in a public school, our program can provide you with all of the training you need to earn certification from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Centenary University’s Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) certification is a 27-credit program that prepares counseling professionals to help K-12 students cope with emotional, psychological or behavioral issues. A Student Assistance Coordinator provides in-school assessment, crisis intervention and counseling and referral services to any student experiencing personal, family or peer difficulties. In our program, you will learn the latest strategies to help prevent personal challenges from interfering with a student’s success in school. The curriculum includes courses on topics such as human growth and development, crisis intervention and substance abuse counseling. You will also complete a supervised,150-hour SAC practicum.

Check out the Student Assistance Coordinator certification audit sheet.

Program Results

By completing Centenary’s Student Assistance Coordinator (SAC) certification, you will:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the role of a SAC, the expectations of the position and how to implement policies and programs with other professionals in the school.
  • Acquire an appreciation for the role of the counselor in society and an understanding of the ethical and legal responsibilities associated with that role.
  • Evaluate programs and the available resources of the SAC.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the statistics of substance abuse and the resources available to the students in their community.
  • Evaluate case studies and apply the law, policies and counseling strategies.
  • Acquire extensive practical experience in counseling under supervision in appropriate field settings.

The right counseling intervention, at the right time, can make all the difference in helping a student find success in school and in life. Apply now.

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