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Be a Thought Leader! 

The Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership program is a 51 credit program centered around the values of transformational thought leadership. The ever changing landscape of P-20 learning is creating a demand for leaders with a wide breadth of experience, knowledge, vision and ethics. Centenary University strives to develop leaders who will successfully guide organizations into an uncertain future. By understanding and appreciating the multiple constituencies and stakeholders that form organizational communities, Centenary graduates will lead in a transformational style – not just to guide in a linear fashion, but to completely envelop the larger community into their mission. Mindful of the many resources under their care and direction, Centenary leaders will embrace challenges, build positive coalitions, craft and sustain positive change and create safe and stable learning environments for all of their stakeholders.

This program is both critical and useful for school leaders, non-profit leaders, corporate trainers, business leaders and governmental leaders.

Program Outcomes:

  • Possess outstanding knowledge of curriculum, instruction and assessment for all students from cradle to grave
  • Cherish each and every individual under their care and direction as a valued person, able to learn regardless of age, challenge or circumstance
  • Demonstrate an unsurpassed ability to identify challenges, solutions and build consensus
  • Unique ability to elucidate solutions that are creative and make best use of diminishing resources
  • Value human capital and resources as the primary ingredient for successful organizations
  • Understand and apply the value of network knowledge, with an understanding that teaching, working, living and learning is a team effort
  • Serve as an ethical and moral role model and inspiration for all constituents within the organization
  • Understand larger global, economic and social trends and demands and assist all individuals to meet new and unprecedented change


Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership
This program is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education to grant School Administrator Certification.

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