Assistant Professor of Biology

Phone: ext. 2322

Academic Accomplishments

•    Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine from the University of Bridgeport


Dr. James Monks grew up in Sussex, NJ always knowing he wanted to be a doctor. He worked as an EMT and a Veterinary Technician as a young adult while putting himself through college at Montclair State University. When he finished his pre-med requirements he entered chiropractic school in 2002. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine in 2006, and entered in a private practice that focused on sports injuries and nutritional interventions in athletes. In 2009 he also began teaching, and quickly found he really enjoyed teaching and working with students.
For the next 5 years Dr. Monks taught at 6 different colleges teaching a diverse range of biology classes including genetics, zoology, neuroscience, animal behavior, anatomy and physiology, environmental science, and many others.
While teaching and practicing, Dr. Monks was also pursuing a Masters of Neurological Science from the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies. As someone with diverse interests, Dr. Monks enjoys volunteering as part of a medical team at various sporting events like the NYC marathon, Ironman competitions, and other local events. In his free time he likes kayaking, hiking, skydiving, and almost any activity that will get him outdoors with his family.


Dr. Monks’ research interests are varied, and focused on the ability to involve students. He sees research as a way to involve students in the world of science, both in a lab as well as in the real world. Some of his interests include:

•    Summer acoustic monitoring of indigenous bat species
•    Cortical lateralization in autistic spectrum disorders
•    Heart rate variability as a predictor of disautonomia and/or cardiovascular disease
•    Bisphenols and embryonic brain development

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