Kyle Parham

Kyle Parham

Kyle Parham (Assistant Technical Director, Virginia Opera)

“In the fast paced work of professional theatre it is hard to find a good footing to get in the door, and without the opportunities presented to me at Centenary University, I would not be in the field today. The technical program at Centenary is a complete program in that they do not rest solely on book teaching, but a comprehensive hands on element that really prepares you to work as a young professional. At the end of my freshman year, I had worked on 6 shows in a wide variety of tasks that not only helped me flourish in the Department, but also helped me get my first paying job at a local theatre in my home town.”

“As the Professors and staff instilled in me a firm work ethic and a dedication to the craft, I now see that this department provides what not a lot of other Colleges or Universities offer students. The staff has worked professionally and understand what it takes and push the students to acquire the skills necessary to succeed as a working professional. Another huge factor that sets Centenary apart is the regional theatre (Centenary Stage Company) in residency at the University. With the way that the season is structured, it really provides a great lesson in many different types of theatrical events ranging from straight plays to concerts. That, along with the Staff, helps provides a realistic look into what it takes to do this as a profession.”

“As the Assistant Technical Director for Virginia Opera I work with everything from running crews to drafting crews. All of the necessary skills I have needed, I received in this department at Centenary. I truly believe that this program provides its students with all the proper skills, and the demands it places on its students, along with the hard work and dedication of the staff, allow this program to develop true theatre professionals.”

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