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Fall 2021 billing statements will be available on July 1, 2021.

HEALTH INSURANCE WAIVER – All traditional full-time undergraduate students for Fall 2021 will be assessed a health insurance fee in the amount of $2,717.00.  To waive this fee, you MUST COMPLETE the Insurance Waiver Form on the Student Health Portal by August 10, 2021.  As a reminder, this waiver form must be completed every year by all new and returning undergraduate students.

Making Deposits and Check Payments

The Student Accounts Office is located on the first floor of the Seay Building, Room S103.

Here university bills are paid and checks cashed. ID cards must be presented when cashing checks.

  • Checks for less than $5 or more than $100 will not be cashed.
  • A service charge of $50 will be made for any student’s check that is returned for lack of funds.

Making Online Payments

Centenary utilizes paperless billing.  For currently accepted and enrolled students, please log onto your “Self-Service” portal; click on “Student Finance”, then “Make a Payment”.  Students are encouraged to authorize users, such as your parents, to view bills and make payments online by setting up a proxy account.  Please follow link to instructions regarding proxy setup by clicking here.

For all others, payments may be made by visiting our secure online payment system at www.centenaryuniversity.edu/tuitionpayment.

A 2.65% service fee will be added to all credit/debit card payments.  There is no additional charge for payments made by E-Check.

Lost or Stolen Centenary IDs

For a lost or stolen ID, you should immediately log into your my.Centenary account and in the Links column click on “My Cyclone Card“. Log into your Cyclone Card account and click on “Card Services”.  At the bottom of the next page, click on the “Deactivate Card” button.

This will disable your card to prevent the loss of Cyclone Dollars, unauthorized charges and room access.

Any charges from a lost or stolen card are the responsibility of the ID Cardholder.

The cost for a replacement ID is $10 and is not refundable. 

Payment must be made in the Student Billing. Once payment is made, you will need to go to the Student Life Office to get your new ID.

If you have deactivated your card and then find your card before having a new card issued, you must go to the Student Life Office to have the card reactivated.

Once a new card has been issued, a previous card cannot be reactivated.

If you are a campus resident, report lost or stolen IDs immediately to your Resident Director.  The Resident Director will help you gain access to your room until you get your replacement ID.

Our Staff

Rosemary Pepe
Director of Student Accounts

Patricia Riley
Student Accounts Specialist

Jerard Tyler
Student Accounts Specialist



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