Satisfactory Academic Progress

Effective Fall 2015

All students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress as one of the eligibility criteria for financial aid. Below is some general information about SAP. For more detailed information, please view the appropriate Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy above.

Don’t lose your financial aid because you are not making SAP

  • Become familiar with Centenary University’s Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
  • Maintain the minimum cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Complete the minimum percentage of classes completed
  • Complete your degree within the maximum time frame (i.e. a bachelor’s degree must be completed within 192 attempted credit hours)

You can view your attempted and completed credit hours as well as your current cumulative GPA by viewing your academic history through my.Centenary.

You can find more information about academic standing for Centenary University in the Catalog that corresponds with your program at the University on our Course Catalog.

If you are having difficulty with one or more of your courses, Centenary University offers a number of resources to  help you succeed academically and we expect that you will fully utilize them. These resources include:

Academic Success Center

(908) 852-1400 ext. 2353

Disability Services

(908) 852-1400 ext. 2168

Counseling Services

(908) 852-1400 ext. 2125


To appeal, you must submit a written explanation of any extenuating circumstances that prevented you from maintaining satisfactory academic progress as well as a graduation plan completed with your Program Advisor. Appeals should be directed to the Financial Aid Office and should address the entire academic history, not just the prior semester. Supporting documentation, including, but not limited to doctor’s notes, newspaper articles, or letters from third parties, regarding the conditions for appeal will be accepted and reviewed.

All appeal decisions are final. You will be notified of the result of your appeal by email. You are responsible for paying your tuition and fees by the payment to avoid late fees while you are awaiting a response to your appeal.

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