July 25, 2017

#1 Our Social Media Marketing courses are now offered in a new and exciting LIVE format. You are now able to participate in sessions remotely through our live streaming technology at our #theVIBE Parsippany location. This new format gives students the ultimate control of how to complete these synchronously streamed courses. The choice is yours. Do you want to be in class or in the comfort of your home? Now, no matter where you are or what may come up, you can take a social media marketing class at Centenary University.

#2 Centenary is proud to be the first university in the tri-state area to offer a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in Social Media Marketing. Whether you study Social Media Marketing as a Concentration, Minor or Certificate – you’ll have the confidence knowing you’re part of a cutting edge program that has been endorsed by a sitting U.S. Senator and a Google Executive.

#3 Centenary is proud to offer digital badges as part of our Social Media Marketing program. Digital badges are issued after each course and can be used on your resume, LinkedIn profile, personal website or portfolio to display the skills you have gained.

#4 Our Social Media program is ideal for students interested in careers directly focused on social media, such as copywriting or strategy, as well as related careers in advertising and marketing. These are high-demand fields in which early career professionals can command salaries ranging from $60,000 a year for copywriters to more than $100,000 for social media marketing managers.

#5 Classes are taught in #theVIBE, The Social Media Center of Expertise, which was designed to look and feel like a high-tech startup in New York — from the technology to the furnishings. It’s an environment designed, like social media, for knowledge to be shared instantaneously.

For more information, visit #theVIBE webpage at www.centenaryuniversity.edu/thevibe or e-mail socialmedia@centenaryuniversity.edu.

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