September 29, 2017

Meet Dr. Monks

Dr. Monks is the Assistant Professor of Biology and (quite literally) the superhero of Trevorrow, the science building on campus. There’s no doubt that committing to being a science or pre-med major can be extremely overwhelming. However, when you step into a lecture hall or lab and see your professor wearing a Captain America t-shirt, you find yourself instantly at ease.

Dr. Monks with Student

Dr. Monks with Student

Dr. Monks came to Centenary University because unlike most universities, teaching and the outcome of students is the primary focus. He once told me, “A truly student-centric university is rare, and I feel that when colleges lose track of that number one priority, the students suffer. If I have to sacrifice my time and energy to do things for that student to succeed, it will be worth it.” And he sticks to his word. Dr. Monks stays involved with the Pre-Professional club and is readily available through text and email for any questions or assistance; even if it’s after hours.

When I first met Dr. Monks, he was the new professor at Centenary teaching my Anatomy and Physiology class. It was quickly evident that he pushes students to strive for greatness, which makes them want to ace all of his exams and infamous timed practicals. I’ve been lucky enough to have an ongoing experience of working with him in student-teacher settings and through research. In July of 2017, we embarked on a month-long intensive research workshop where we excavated and reconstructed fragmented juvenile skeletons that were 500 years old. The coolest part? We traveled to Transylvania, Romania to do so. Also, throughout the upcoming Fall and Spring semesters, Dr. Monks and I will be conducting Neurology research in traumatized patients and dysautonomic states. He’s my professor, mentor, research partner, travel assistant, and friend.

Not only has he proven himself to be one of the smartest people I’ve had the opportunity to come into contact with, but he goes above and beyond when it comes to being personable, approachable and reliable. Dr. Monks has helped me find endless opportunities for scholarships, resume builders, volunteer work and overall guidance for applying to medical school. Students also enjoy the added benefit of a good laugh and morale boost around him; and I am pleased to say that he helps students any way he can, with or without the superhero t-shirts.

Written by Centenary student Dana Loyal.

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