December 4, 2017

Meet Professor McKitish

One quality I love about Professor McKitish is her ability to bring the best out of her students. She always says “you are paying for college, you should get your money’s worth.” She has exceeded my expectations in and outside the classroom. McKitish was a student at Centenary University and went on to become an executive at Bloomingdales before she dedicated her time to teaching.

Professor McKitish

Professor McKitish and Briana Francis

She is always willing to share her real life retail experiences with her students, which definitely provides us with insight regarding what to expect in the fashion world. Most recently, McKitish and I worked closely together along with classmates to coordinate our annual senior fashion show. As expected, she was helpful and motivational through the whole semester.

As a fashion design or merchandising major, you always hear stories of how McKitish means business. I only understood this when I finally took her Social Responsibility class and was introduced to the real academic vigor of my higher education. As a freshman taking Social Responsibility in my spring semester, I received my first “bad” grade in college. Professor McKitish graded my first reflection paper on a video we watched in class. Her comment to me was “this paper would have been 100%, if you had just cited correctly.” From then on, I knew that McKitish was the professor to push me into greatness. I now give all of my projects my full attention and this approach has benefitted me tremendously. Professor McKitish is not just a fashion educator. She is a mentor, an inspiration, and a leader who sets examples for future fashion innovators. I am extremely thankful to have her as my professor!

Written by Briana Francis.

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