As a major nonprofit organization, Centenary University is held to a high level of accountability for its business practices.  Numerous constituencies (including students, donors, alumni, The State of New Jersey and the federal government) have an interest in how the University spends its money.  Accordingly, every reasonable effort must be made to ensure funds are used in a responsible and appropriate manner.  This policy and these procedures have been prepared as guidance in identifying legitimate travel and business related expenses incurred in carrying out necessary, authorized business of the University.  Individuals incurring similar expenses are to be reimbursed or not reimbursed consistently throughout the University.  While traveling on University business, travelers should expect to receive service and accommodations that are both safe and comfortable, but not lavish or extravagant.  In addition, travel arrangements must be well planned so that costs will not exceed budgetary limitations.  To ensure that expenditure decisions are consistent with the University’s mission, applicable laws and ethical practice, departments must comply with the policies and procedures in this document.

Scope of Policy

This policy covers expenditures for all travel conducted on behalf of the University. This includes but is not limited to recruitment, administrative and group travel charged to unrestricted, restricted, and designated funds.  This policy relates to:

  • Employees who incur business expenses and require reimbursement
  • Employees who travel on University business
  • Employees who supervise employees who incur business expenses and/or travel on college business
  • Employees who make travel and other arrangements for: students who travel on approved University business; prospective University employees; University visitors; and employees who travel to conventions, conferences, or seminars

Overview of Policy

The University will reimburse expenses incurred in connection with University business that are appropriately documented by an employee or student.

  • Reimbursement will be on the basis of actual and reasonable expenses incurred for necessary business expenses or approved per diem amounts. Reimbursable expenses must have a valid business purpose.
  • The University will not reimburse for personal expenses, such as child care, clothing, personal recreation and entertainment.
  • Assuming a reasonable level of comfort and convenience for the traveler, every effort should be made to keep University expenses to a minimum.
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