Strategic Plan



To be the intellectual, economic and cultural Heart of the Skylands Region.


Centenary University delivers accredited degree programs and comprehensive learning experiences to prepare students for regional and global professions of critical thought and purposeful action within a supportive environment immersed in a culture of service.

Goals (Imperatives)

Student Opportunity & Success

Continuous Improvement & Growth

Diversity –> Inclusion –> Belonging

Serving the Needs of the Skylands Region & Beyond

Message from the President


Dr. Bruce Murphy, President of Centenary UniversityMany organizations including colleges and universities work hard to develop strategic plans. However, even more work and attention may need to be invested in order to realize, acknowledge and work towards the goals set out before it.

As you will see, the current 2020-2021 Strategic Plan for Centenary University doesn’t have a formal look, flashy cover, or even an end date. In fact, the entire plan is displayed on one page—the Strategy Map. Its purpose is not only to outline challenges, obstacles and opportunities, but to help guide our University community as it comes together to think strategically and to develop creative and necessary actions to quantify progress toward goals – while maintaining a fluid, organized plan based on meaningful metrics.

We started with fifteen objectives and the understanding that we may add or subtract objectives as time goes by. Each objective has an objective champion whose job it is to present the objective to the strategic planning group and the community as a whole. Additionally, each objective has a series of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs by which we gauge our progress on reaching the objective. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, rather than stop our strategic planning process or letting COVID responses paralyze our efforts, we added a sixteenth objective – (E-1) “Operate in a post-COVID-19 environment.”

All of the Key Performance Indicators, as well as potential initiatives, have been identified as critical areas for which the University should invest effort and those which can help position Centenary University for future growth.  The aim of our ongoing Strategic Plan workshops is for our community to come together and to think strategically. In addition to the thinking, the “doing” is what makes this plan most important.

Since January of 2020, and during the pandemic, our dedicated Strategic Planning team has met more than a dozen times. The University was able to rise above the uncertainty, and when required to, we were able to pivot to 100% online learning – without missing a single day of instruction. Our academic agility and strong sense of community also allowed us to start the Fall 2020 semester by offering students a choice—“Centenary Choice”—of in-person, remote or HyFlex/hybrid classes.  Our continued investment in this Strategic Plan, and our ability to move forward together as we remain focused on our important mission, will help to prepare the University for a much stronger tomorrow.

Dr. Bruce Murphy

Centenary Strategic Plan



Stakeholders Focus

S-1: Grow a financially viable university / Champion: Denton Stargel

S-2: Provide quality workforce & citizens for the Skylands Region / Champion: Amy D’Olivo

S-3: Maintain high student satisfaction with Centenary experience /Champion: Kerry Mullins


Internal Process Focus

P-1:  Sustain optimal enrollment / Champion: Rob Miller

P-2:  Establish positive image (brand) in wider market-place / Champion: Corinne Pilote

P-3:  Enhance external relationships / Champion: Karen DiMaria

P-4:  Provide customer-focused student services / Champion: Rob Miller

P-5:  Optimize in-demand program offerings / Champion: Amy D’Olivo

P-6:  Provide meaningful co-curricular activities/ Champion: Kerry Mullins

P-7:  Maintain regional & specialized accreditations / Champion: Amy D’Olivo


Foundation and Capacity Focus

C-1:  Cultivate climate for experiential learning / Champion: Lauren Bergey

C-2:  Provide effective Instructional and administrative computing/ Champion: Sharon Ainsley

C-3:  Provide appropriate facilities/ Champion: Denton Stargel

C-4:  Recruit, develop & retain high quality staff / Co-Champions: Christine Rosado/Margie Pavlichko

C-5:  Recruit, develop & retain high quality faculty / Co-Champions: Christine Rosado / Tara Clausen


Existential Focused

E-1:  Operate in a post-COVID-19 pandemic environment/ Champion: Bruce Murphy


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