University life is full of opportunities but it can also be a stressful time. Even the most self-reliant student might have difficulties negotiating academic, interpersonal and emotional concerns and would benefit from speaking with a professional.

The Counseling Center works directly with students in overcoming difficulties that may interfere with defining and accomplishing educational and personal goals. Our staff is available for consultation to students, faculty, and staff who are concerned about the well-being of students.

Counseling Services During COVID-19

Good News: Counseling will still be available 24/7/365!

COUNSELING CENTER CLIENTS who reside in the state of New Jersey will receive an email from their counselor to set up phone sessions. Please respond to the email should you wish to continue counseling from home.

ALL ongoing clients who DO NOT reside in New Jersey will receive an email from their counselor to help them find services in their area.

Our licenses do not allow us to provide counseling to anyone who is not in the state of New Jersey. (Advocates are trying to get the appropriate licensing boards to change this rule during the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves. Should their efforts result in a change your counselor will notify you.)

PSYCHIATRIC APPOINTMENTS: Will take place by phone. Dr. Opdyke will call you as scheduled. If you do not know when your appointment is please email

WALK-IN HOURS are changing to LET’S TALK HOURS. Every weekday from 12:30 to 1:30 and 3:00 to 4:00 you can speak with one of our staff members on the phone. Email and send your telephone number. The counselor on duty will return your call.

AFTER HOURS: Our telephone line will roll over to ProtoCall Services where a counselor will assist you. As always, they will inform us of your call and the staff of the Counseling Center will reach out to you the next business today to see if we can be of further assistance to you.

SELF HELP WELLNESS TOOL: Log in with your Centenary email and password. You will find invaluable information available to you.

OUTREACH: Look for Counseling Center Weekly Updates. We will be sending tips on managing anxiety, mood, relationships, boredom and loneliness. Find us on Instagram: centenaryuniversitycounseling

Please reach out to us if you have concerns and take good care of yourself. Self-care is most important during trying times.

Our appointments are free of charge and completely confidential.

Counseling Services

Counseling for Individuals
Individual counseling sessions may be scheduled at the Counseling Center while school is in session. Appointments are available during office hours (9 to 5) and can be made to accommodate the student’s schedule. Sessions typically last for 50 minutes. Services are free and confidential.

Couples Counseling
Counseling is available to couples when both are students of the university.

Crisis Assistance
The professional staff of the Counseling Center will respond to crises during regular business hours. After hours, ProtoCall Services will provide crisis intervention by phone. ProtoCall Services are en extension of the Counseling Center’s team and are fully integrated into our systems. The next business day we will be notified of all calls so that we can provide the appropriate follow-up.

For emergencies  please call extension 2125 any time day or night

Walk-In Hour
Daily virtual Let’s Talk hours (formerly known as Walk-in’s), M-F 11am-12pm and 3pm-4pm

Consultation is offered to faculty and staff who seek guidance and support regarding concerns they may have for a student or group of students.

Educational Outreach Programs
 Educational programs are scheduled regularly throughout the academic year on a variety of topics including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, alcohol and post traumatic stress.  To request a program, please call the Counseling Center at ext. 2125.

Suicide Prevention Training
Staff of the Counseling Center are certified suicide prevention trainers. If you would like to be trained or would like to provide training to a group please contact the Counseling Center at ext. 2125

Online Services
Design Your Ideal College Experience:
Manage stress, set goals, connect to campus resources, develop happiness and well-being
Take the Assessments: Succeed (academics and career); Thrive (physical and mental health); and Matter (purpose, community and social connections)
Sign in with your Centenary user name and password.

The staff of the Counseling Center maintains a network of referrals to outside mental health professionals and other helpful resources.

Contact us:

Director & Staff

Mikolaya Nynka, LPC – Director
605 Grand Avenue
Phone: 908-852-1400 ext. 2128

Narda Ludena, MA/Ed.S LMFT
605 Grand Avenue
Phone: 908-852-1400 ext 2425

Kristin Far, LSW
Post Masters Fellow
Phone: 908-852-1400 ext 2125

Dr Karen Stage Opdyke, M.D.
Consulting Psychiatrist
Phone: 908-852-1400 ext. 2125

Andrea Bayer
Administrative Assistant
605 Grand Avenue
Phone 908-852-1400 ext. 2125

To make an appointment you may call ext. 2125 or email

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