Absentee Policy

If an illness, injury, surgical procedure, or medical problem causes a student to miss classes, the student should have his or her physician submit a medical service form to the Health Center.

This information is kept confidential. The Dean of Students Office will issue an absentee notice, when appropriate.  The Health Center will document office visits if requested by the student’s professors.

Illness and Injury Policies

All accidents, illnesses, and injuries occurring to the students must be reported to Health Services within 24 hours of the incident.  This enables Health Services to provide follow-up care if needed.

Resident students must report all accidents regardless of where they occurred. If an accident or emergency occurs during the night or early morning, the Resident Assistant on-duty must be notified.

Centenary will not be held responsible for any health or accidental incident that may take place while a student is at the University should he or she fail to comply with this policy.

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