Each semester Resident Assistants participate in a fun and meaningful training process.  Through these trainings and real life experience, learning different skills from time management to crisis intervention, the resident assistant is able to improve interpersonal communication, organization, and other skills that enable them to work well with diverse populations and grow as an individual.  Resident Assistants are given the support and tools necessary to balance academic priorities, Residence Life responsibilities, and form lifelong connections with peers and staff.

Each resident assistant is compensated for their services from late August through May with a scholarship that covers the expenses of room and board.  In addition, the experience of being a RA is one that fosters personal growth and will benefit you in future endeavors.

Resident Assistant Responsibilities

The RA takes on a multitude of responsibilities.  He/she will coordinate effective hall programming on a monthly basis for the Centenary community.  In addition, he/she will be an available resource for their residents, serve as a liaison for Residence Life, and will help maintain policies in the residence halls that foster a safe environment conducive to academia and community, including being a positive role model.  Finally, the RA will be “on duty” on a rotating schedule with other staff members in their hall and will help deal with emergency situations, assist with opening and closing the residence halls, and help maintain residence hall conditions through logs and designated room and building inspections.

How are Resident Assistants selected?

Becoming an RA is competitive, however we strongly encourage all interested students to apply.  The following are requirements to become an RA at Centenary

  • Will have a 2.5 cumulative average at time of application, and maintain a 2.5 GPA.
  • Be a student in good standing with the University.
  • Will demonstrate leadership experience and/or a strong desire to work with the department as a student leader.

The selection process includes an application, 2 letters of recommendation, and a series of interviews.

Interested students should contact the Residence Life office at x2404. As you consider this position, speak with your RA or any Residence Life staff member about the job. You will find that the current staff has found it to be a truly valuable and challenging experience. As an RA you will assist other students and in the process you will develop skills that are applicable in your future career.

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